Yoga Reviews

I am blessed to have amazing people in my life and as yoga clients.  Here are a few words of encouragement and love from my students, friends, and clients!

“I have been taking yoga classes on and off for 10 years and have found Shanell to be the most sincere, motivating, and challenging of instructors. She is able to make her students feel safe and accepted while pushing them to achieve a higher level of flexibility and strength. I have also become a huge believer in Thai Yoga Body Work for the opening and stretching. Combined with my yoga practice, it is helping me have more open shoulders and hips and less low back pain. I genuinely look forward to and enjoy all of my session with Shanell.”  -Nina, group and private yoga student and Thai Yoga Bodywork client

“Shanell is a wonderful instructor, very gentle, very caring and very professional in her delivery! I highly recommend Shanell and her classes!” -Dr. Sue,  group yoga student and Thai Yoga Bodywork client

“Shanell is an excellent yoga instructor! We had her in Kansas for a Meditation and Movement Retreat and our retreatants loved her. She is passionate about her work and focused on the persons she is working with. Shanell also offered Thai Yoga Bodywork and that was a huge hit. Some of the comments that came after the sessions were: decreased appetite (amazing), more focus during meditation periods, and more comfortable and relaxed in general. We have invited Shanell back for another retreat in November and are very much looking forward to it!” – Sister Julie

“First off, I thought I was falling in love with yoga, but as it turns out I love Shanell’s instruction of yoga! Without a doubt yoga has incredible health benefits. However it is the way that Shanell brings her vast knowledge of the subject of yoga together that keeps me relaxed yet interested and challenged. I have visited many other yoga classes and have never found what she brings to her students.

There are too many words of praise that come to mind to describe Shanell’s instruction of yoga, but for me the word that best sums it up is: Theraputic! I have recently been diagnosed with severe arthritis in my lower back (at age 34!) Medication and other practices do nothing for me the way Shanell’s instruction of yoga restores wellness to my lower back, as well as my entire body.

Shanell is an incredibly hard working and talented student of yoga. However to me her greatest gift is in the way she fluidly and thoughtfully instructs her students. She knows the beauty in each pose so well, that even the slightest touch of guidance from her can bring a completely different experience of restoration to the pose.

Her classes are a place for peace and serenity in a brutal world. Yet each of us is brought to a place of strength and growth I know we could not attain on our own. When I leave her class I feel strong, balanced and well. This carries me through to better meet the needs of my life as well as the lives of those I love.

If Shanell taught every morning at Cooper, I would be there every morning! I can’t wait for her next class! Shanell’s instruction has been an incredible gift to me!” -Andrea, member of Cooper Aerobics Center

“A true yoga experience, this is not all about sweat and beautiful bodies. Each class allows one to move out of the mind while working the body, and leave feeling more grounded. Divine!” -Kelly

“Enlightening, uplifting, challenging, and comforting are all words that describe the yoga classes I have had with Shanell.  She manages to challenge you physically, while calming your spirituality. Since taking her class I have felt greater inner peace, and reached new levels of flexibility and strength I never thought I had. She is great and I wouldn’t change her for the world!” -Onka

“I would be amiss not to compliment you on your Yoga skills. This message is not only to you but to anyone who wants Yoga to improve their life.
I have taken Yoga lessons, now a believer, from many people at Cooper CraigRanch and they have all have been skilled, good instructors. However, your dedication and skill to Yoga and your students is without parallel. I appreciate that you not only do Yoga with us but also take the time to go to each person individually and help each student become better. But what makes you special is the flow you use throughout the workout to warm us up and gradually take us up to a higher level of Yoga moves and then the smooth transition to cool down and relaxation. I leave your class knowing that I just experience Yoga as a means to balance, strength, confidence building, and internal peace. I know all the students in the class feel the same way as I talk to them on a daily basis and your class and skills are often the topic.
You set a wonderful example in each pose, showing us what perfection is, if we will just keep practicing. I also appreciate the fact that no 2 classes are the same, yet you show no hestitation moving from one pose to the next. You keep us in the moment.  Jackie and Harvey told me a few weeks ago that there was a new Yoga instructor like none other that I should try. They were right.  Thanks again for your working knowledge of Yoga and dedication to your students.” -Gary Fink, yoga student at Cooper Fitness

“A class with the perfect balance of deep stretches, stong postures, and relaxation – her instructions and encouraging voice help me feel more comfortable about trying yoga.”  -Anonymous student at Get Reformed Pilates

“I’ve been practicing yoga for 10 years. I’ve never found an instructor as beneficial as Shanell! I think what people really want is active information, during the class, about how each movement is benefiting their body, and we want details about how to fine-tune our practice and keep getting better! Shanell does that p…erfectly! Great communicator — and always smiling.”   Jeff Johnson, yoga student thru 24 Hour Fitness

“I am SO glad you teach a class at Get Reformed, otherwise I wouldn’t have met you. Your style is the kind I loved to do before my accident and I’m really feeling more flexible and, well…my body feels more “free” after your classes. You will definately see me at the other studios you work at and my 15 year old son will be coming too when homework allows. Mahalo!!”  Perri Reaves, yoga student at Get Reformed Pilates

“Shanell is my first and so far only yoga instructor, but I am nothing but pleased with my learning experience so far. Shanell provides clear directions for what we are about to do, and follows up with immediate feedback, gentle corrections and, when needed, firm Medieval-style yanking of the limbs and joints into proper position…. well, not really that last part! Having done weight-training for the past 15 months, I have transformed my body into one more athletic and stronger than ever before in my lifetime. However, my flexibility is not what I’d like it to be, and that, along with the sheer physical challenge that yoga presents to me, is why I have begun this new journey. I am glad, so very glad, to have encountered Shanell as a substitute instructor at 24 HF on the random weekend that I first decided to give yoga a try. I hope I can continue to learn from her and progress in my practice and on my journey. As she has been heard to say on occasion: “Cool!” :o) Thank you , Shanell, my yogi & and my friend!” -Ollen Mullis, a private yoga student, Bound For Bliss 

“Shanell is a one of a kind instructor!  Shanell’s fluid and masterful instruction of yoga, combined with her deep caring about each of her students has helped me achieve a level of wellness and health I could not attain any other way. I suffer from severe arthritis in my lower back. But through Shanell’s instruction, I feel well and strong. Her class does more for me than any therapy or medicine. I eagerly get out of bed to attend her 6:00 am classes, because I know when I leave I will not only feel stronger and more limber, but will also leave feeling balanced. It is difficult to put into words, but I feel calm, centered and joyful after her class. Shanell is an expert communicator and a deeply caring teacher. Her class has a lovely flow to it, even though no classes are just alike and she almost always introduces us to something new. Attending her classes is one of the very best things I do for myself every week. ALL her students LOVE her!” -ajo1994

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  1. Shanell is a powerful yoga teacher–her knowledge is strong but her spirit makes even more difference. She is encouraging, uplifting and funny. Shanell’s thai yoga massage has helped me move from a scooter to walker to upright. Thai yoga’s deep stretching and energy realignment has changed my body. Shanell has helped to change my heart. Katherine–yoga and thai yoga

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