TYB Reviews

Thai Yoga Bodywork students enjoy the relaxing, healing and energizing sessions with Shanell. Often they are amazed at how quickly their body responds and releases stress, muscle tension and tightness. Most also find that they subsequently perform at a higher level in their regular exercise programs. Try Thai Yoga Bodywork to see the results for yourself!

“Shanell has changed my life. I have scoliosis and degenerative spinal disease. I was having to see a chiropractor 3-4 times a week until I met Shanell. Her thai yoga has made me move freely again. I dont have the back and neck pain I used to wake up with daily. Her yoga teachings have transformed my body. I have lost 6 pounds and am getting my core strong again. Thank you Shanell.” -Shannon Shell, Thai Yoga and private and group yoga client

Shannell does an awesome job!!!!!! I have MS and wasn’t able to wiggle the toes on my left foot, but now I can!!!! I can wear flip flops again!! She has really helped with the stiffness I feel. She helps my body feel almost normal again!!” -Andrea Meador, Thai Yoga and private yoga client

“Seven years ago I had my first of many surgeries. Since then I have been fighting, trying to ease the pain. A lifetime of sports had taken it’s toll. I fully understood that my career was over, but was not prepared for the effects on the other parts of my life as I struggled to adjust to the life of a retired athlete. I have seen the best doctors in the world and nothing has helped as much as Shanell and her blessed hands. Reiki, and body work are gifts from above! They have allowed me to live like I did 10 years ago…dancing and running are back on the agenda! Thank you Shanell!!” -Thai Yoga, Reiki, and private yoga client

“What a difference a Thai Yoga Bodywork session from Shanell makes!! I remember my first session with Shanell…..I was telling everyone that the session made me feel more relaxed, more open, more grounded and was ready to give up my monthly massage sessions for a Shanell Thai Bodywork session!! My personal Pilates practice has improved and grown stronger. I enjoy my weekly sessions and deeply miss them when I am away.”  -Tammy, group yoga and Thai Yoga Bodywork Client

“Shanell is THE best Yogi ever!!! I first came to Shanell for Yoga class and Thai Yoga Bodywork. Shortly afterward, I developed hip alignment, hamstring and shoulder issues from a different form of exercise. Shanell relieved so much pain for me, and is opening up tight areas. Weekly sessions with Shanell have helped stretch my chiropractic appointments further apart, as well as improving my overall sense of calm and well being…Shanell has also shared great knowledge about diet and the use of food as medicine.  Shanell is just a great resource for all things wellness!”   -Michelle H. 

“I have been taking yoga classes on and off for 10 years and have found Shanell to be the most sincere, motivating, and challenging of instructors. She is able to make her students feel safe and accepted while pushing them to achieve a higher level of flexibility and strength. I have also become a huge believer in Thai Yoga Body Works for the opening and stretching. Combined with my yoga practice, it is helping me have more open shoulders and hips and less low back pain. I genuinely look forward to and enjoy all of my session with Shanell.” -Nina Bradley, Thai Yoga and Private Yoga client

“I have been a client of Shanell & Bound For Bliss Yoga for many months now and offer nothing but support & praise for her skills and talents. I have taken group yoga lessons, private yoga lessons and, most recently, Thai yoga body work sessions from Shanell, and could not have been more pleased with them all. She is highly skilled & very intuitive; one cannot help but notice that she loves what she does & loves helping others. Shanell works hard to stay current and to improve & grow as an instructor and therapist, and to offer her clients simply the best instruction & therapy available. I only wish we were situated closer so I could take better advantage of all that Shanell & Bound For Bliss Yoga offers. Thank you, Shanell, and I wish you continued success and happiness!” -Ollin Mullis, Thai Yoga and private yoga client

“Shanell is an excellent yoga instructor! We had her in Kansas for a Meditation and Movement Retreat and our retreatants loved her. She is passionate about her work and focused on the persons she is working with. Shanell also offered Thai Yoga Bodywork and that was a huge hit. Some of the comments that came after the sessions were: decreased appetite (amazing), more focus during meditation periods, and more comfortable and relaxed in general. We have invited Shanell back for another retreat in November and are very much looking forward to it!” – Sister Julie

For more information, or to schedule a Thai Yoga Bodywork session, please contact Shanell at 469-952-YOGA (9642) or submit the contact form below.

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