About Shanell

I’m a mommy who is madly in love with my son.

I’m an optimist who believes we are all whole and good at our essence.

 I’m a yogi on a path that becomes more beautiful and meaningful each day.

 I’m a reader with unending curiosity.

 I’m an artist at heart, and see so much beauty,

just let me create something to reflect it!

 These things reflect my own unique personality. I am also you. And you are I.

That is the most important realization I have come to.

 Namaste!  Shanell

Shanell fell in love with yoga the moment she awoke from her first Savasana with clarity, weightlessness and feeling blissed out! She found yoga during a season in her life when she was dealing with the grief of losing her brother, going thru a divorce, and adjusting to becoming a single mother to a toddler.  Her mat became her place of solace, healing and grounding.  Yoga literally saved her life.

Since then, she has been on a mission to spread her love of wellness and yoga to anyone she can. She completed her first 200-hour yoga certification at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Nassau, Bahamas, after spending 40 days living among and learning from the Sivananda Swamis/monks. It became very clear to her that she was being divinely guided on the path as a yogini and healer. Shanell’s second 200-hour certification course was with Gaia Flow in Dallas where she deepened her love and understanding of creative sequencing, Vinyasa yoga, and the physical benefits of flow yoga.

Shanell continues her yoga and healing studies with experts in the field, and has studied Tantric Yoga with Pandit Rajmani Tingunait, Phd; Yin Yoga with Michelle Mixel, Power Yoga with Bryan Kest; Chakra Healing with Anodea Judith, and Anatomy and Practice with Judith Lasater, among many other advanced studies. Shanell has received her Reiki I and II certification from Yvonne Moura, Dallas. And she has studied Thai Yoga Bodywork at The Lotus Palm School, Montreal, with Kam Thye Chow, the leading expert Thai Yoga in North America. Shanell is now the highest-level Lotus Palm Thai Yoga practitioner in Texas!

Combining all of her training and experience, Shanell’s classes are tailored to meet the needs of her diverse students.  She specializes in therapeutic yin yoga for injured Pro athletes and runners, beginners’ yoga and meditation for those new to the practice, and Vinyasa flow with a focus on finding balance between strength and flexibility.


Shanell’s Yogini Thoughts—My hope for all students and private clients is that you establish a daily practice, find peace and calmness, and cultivate compassion for yourself and others.  Yoga is not just a physical practice for me.  It has helped recognize the infinite beauty and goodness that is the essence of our souls, and I look forward to sharing that perspective with you on the mat!


For more information, please contact Shanell at 469-952-YOGA (9642) or submit the contact form below.

17 responses to “About Shanell

  1. You are beautiful 😉

    Great website! I wish I knew how to create one.

    Stay you, stay wonderful!

      • Missing my friendship? Don’t be silly. I’m always with you, dear. We are made of the same energy.

        I’m glad you’re putting on a retreat that focuses on connecting the dots for religious practitioners and yogis. This is an important movement that needs to be made in order for the collective consciousness to raise to the 4th chakra.

        Now… about that website… lol

        Love you,

  2. I am SO glad you teach a class at Get Reformed, otherwise I wouldn’t have met you. Your style is the kind I loved to do before my accident and I’m really feeling more flexible and, well…my body feels more “free” after your classes. You will definately see me at the other studios you work at and my 15 year old son will be coming too when homework allows.


    • Thank you Perri! Your words of encouragement are very much appreciated. I’m so happy you are feeling more “free”! One of the best benefits of a regular practice.

      I hope to see you tomorrow on the mat!


  3. Since starting Yoga on Wednesday nights with you it is now my favorite day of the week. Love your website.

  4. Hey Shanell! Who new 6 years ago when we graduated together this is where our lives would take us. I am so glad you have found something that you love and that inspires you! You also inspire other people…like me, even though I am many states away! Because of your facebook posts I figured I would go try out yoga and I loved it! 5 months later and I go as often as I can, I just wish we were closer so I could take your class!! Love you girl!

    • Was it just 6 years ago?! Wow. Yes, what a beautiful journey it has been. So happy that you have found yoga. What a beautiful practice that you can have for your entire lifetime! So so happy for you. 😉 Sending lots of love to you Beth! I still think about our apartment. I loved to open the windows, with all your plants….it had great energy!

  5. do you remember meeting at Nobu at Paradise island? It was such devine intervention to meet you and be able to practice yoga seriously in the sand outside the ashram. I WANT to come to the ashram sometime. You have an amazing energy and i am grateful that our paths crossed. Thank you also for the thai massage in my room. i have some great pix to get to you. not sure if i should do it via facebook. blessings to you shanel on your spiritual journey. May everyday be an adventure. XO STacia

    • Stacia, I’m just seeing this message! So happy our paths have crossed. Maybe in the future they will again. Good luck in all. Sending lots of love and light your way. Im going to look for you on FB!

  6. To say I’m so excited about Friday is a huge understatement. I miss your Yoga classes so much! Every time I attend a yoga class I’m reminded there is only one you, and I’m blessed to have you in my life.

  7. Your new bio is SWEET! but- when will I see boundforbliss yoga give studioish her photo credits? send some yogi love my way pls!

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