Thai Yoga for Athletes

Thai Yoga may be the ultimate sports massage.  This type of bodyworks helps decrease recover times after training, increases circulation, increases flexibility and range of motion, activates and clears the energy lines of the body, and helps the body find balance.  In addition to all these benefits, it FEELS INCREDIBLE!

“Seven years ago I had my first of many surgeries. Since then I have been fighting, trying to ease the pain. A lifetime of sports had taken it’s toll. I fully understood that my career was over, but was not prepared for the effects on the other parts of my life as I struggled to adjust to the life of a retired athlete. I have seen the best doctors in the world and nothing has helped as much as Shanell and her blessed hands. Reiki, and body work are gifts from above! They have allowed me to live like I did 10 years ago…dancing and running are back on the agenda! Thank you Shanell!!” -Thai Yoga, Reiki, and private yoga client

What is Thai massage?

Thai massage is also called Thai-Yoga because it is rooted in yoga. Thai  massage is like having yoga done to you.

Like massage, Thai massage is performed by a practitioner onto a recipient.  The client passively receives a series of stretches and compressions.

Like yoga, a session involves a series of dynamic stretches. Like stretches  or postures in yoga (asanas), many muscles are stretched simultaneously.

And the stretches tend to be multi-planar. This means each stretch moves the  muscles in more than just one direction. Multi-planar stretches prepare the  muscle better for everyday activities than do stretches that are isolating or  uni-directional.

The most notable effects of the treatment sequence include:

* Stretching tight muscles

* Loosening stiff joints, and

* Improving energy circulation.

The treatment improves energy circulation by loosening muscles that commonly  tighten and restrict the flow of blood, nerves, oxygen, and other vital energy.  In many Eastern health practices, this focus is called clearing chakras. By  clearing all of the body’s major chakras, vital  energy flow is restored  throughout the body.


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