Be Still

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“Be Still and Know that I Am God” is the focus of our meditation this evening at the Movement and Meditation Retreat at the Manna House of Prayer.

My greatest teacher of all has been silence and stillness.

For it is in the stillness of the mind, body, and breath that we can reconnect with our inner intelligence/GOD/silence.  During our days our mind creates so many distractions and the ego is constantly pulling our attention outwards.  It’s almost like the ego doesn’t want us to experience the power of stillness because it’s afraid that experience will diminish the significance of the ego.  It’s true, it does.

It takes a conscious effort to sit down, close the eyes, cut through the thoughts and settle into the silence.  I find the silence pregnant with the presence of peace and the knowledge that I Am God.  It’s an experience that is difficult to put in words.  No matter your faith or belief system, silence offers you a space to reconnect with that which sustains us.  When I am “there”, I am overwhelmed with the knowledge that I am not separate from God. I’m not separate from you.  The outer world which we construct is but a facade.  We are not separate from our source.  The inner world of stillness  is where we were born from and where we ALL will return to.

I find taking a trip “there” every now and again inspires me to live the divinely guided life that I was sent here to live.  It gives me confidence to live my truth without fear of judgement or failure.  Living from this place is truly living from a place of freedom.


If you are interested in learning about meditation/prayer/sitting in stillness, please search out a local yoga studio or prayer group.  On Sundays at 430pm at Allen Yoga Center ( there is a wonderful guided meditation class that is helpful for beginners and the experienced.  Also, once I year I do a Movement and Meditation retreat in Kansas with the Sisters of Saint Joseph.  It’s an entire weekend of reconnecting with your inner world.  Please reach out to me by email or phone if you’d like more information on sitting in silence.  If you have questions that I don’t know the answers to, I will point you in the right direction.

In peace,


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