The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power

“Where we give our attention, value is perceived, a sense of value is created.  Thus, BodyKnowing -attuning to the language of the body -has potential to realign the overly masculinezed consciousness of Western civilization into harmony with the innate intelligence and value of all our relations -plant, mineral, animal, element, human.”  Vajra Ma, The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power

Ahhhh feminine power.  The power of  female energy.  The mother.  The compassionate one.  The connector.  The holder of the womb of creation.

Today I had the pleasure of taking a workshop with Vajra Ma at the first Tantra Vinyasa Conference in Dallas.


Basically, that is one word that summarizes the four hours I spent learning and practicing with and alongside Vajra Ma.  I spent four hours connecting and reconnecting with the inherent feminine power that is within us all.  That’s right, even men have their Shakti (female power) energy.  Look at it like the Yin and Yang.  To be balanced we need to connect to both the masculine and feminine.  For women, it is easier to connect with our feminine side because we have the right equipment, the womb (or womb space for those women who have had a mastectomy), that symbolizes what Shakti embodies.

Creativity.  Fluidity.  Compassion.  Connection.

Qualities that I believe are important and needed in our world today.   If we become still enough, and connect deep enough inward we can feel the subtle fluid movement of prana.  The practice of the Tantric Dance of Feminine Power is about PAYING ATTTENTION to this subtle energy and amplifying it through movement.  When we pay attention to the subtle movements and sensations, we bring the unseen to life and give others the opportunity to witness the beauty of the feminine.

And how did I reconnect with my Shakti?  Well, I came inward thru meditation, connected with subtle and fluid movements that move from our womb thru subtle dance and improvisational yoga, and allowed the movement to connect with my breath.  What transpired was both beautiful and surprising.  I found my body moving in ways that were new, yet natural.  I dissolved inhibitions that had become familiar and comforting yet were blocking my growth.  I let go of self judgement. I let go of projecting and judging other.  And I danced as though no one was watching.

Here is a video hosted by one of Vajra Ma’s students who is now a teacher of the Tantric Dance of Feminine Power.

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