What is a dosha?

If you have been in one of my yoga classes or have come in for a Thai Yoga Bodywork session you will have probably heard me talking about doshas.  Well, what is a dosha?  And why should you care what your particular dosha is??

The concept of a dosha is pretty simple.  It is how Ayurvedic Practitioners or yogis describe people.  Doshas, or constitutions, are the way the elements (eather, water, fire, air) manifest in a particular person.  According to Ayurveda, constitution is formed at the time of conception.  As people grow and their environment changes, the mind and body change to try to keep balanced.  This can often lead to an imbalance of the persons particular dosha.  In Ayurveda, when there is a strong imbalance of the mind or body from the natural dosha this can manifest as stress or disease of the body and/or mind.

Once you know and understand your dosha and your imbalances you can then work at rebalancing yourself by changing the way you eat, your environment, sleep patterns, and other lifestyle changes.  But first things first; let’s find out what your partifular dosha is!   http://www.whatsyourdosha.com/quiz/

To learn more about your particular dosha read this Bound for Bliss Yoga post:  https://boundforblissyoga.com/2011/10/09/balance-your-doshas-with-essential-oils/

What is your dosha??

Vata Pitta Kapha
physical constitution
frame thin, lanky, boney and taller or shorter than average average build and size, weight centered in middle heavy, stocky, broad and either very tall or very short
weight low, difficulties in gaining weight moderate, no difficulties in gaining or loosing weight heavy, difficulties in loosing weight
appetite unpredictable, irregular, variable strong, cannot skip meals and will have to eat again after 3 or 4 hours constant but can skip meals easily and tolerate hunger and thirst
amount of food very variable, sometime much sometimes less comparatively more, can eat large quantities at once comparatively less
skin texture thin and dry, cool to touch, rough smooth and warm, oily T-zone thick and moist/greasy, cold
complexion dark, tans easily fair with freckles, moles, prone to sunburn pale and hardly tans
hair dry, brittle and curly/frizzy soft, straight and fine thick and weavy, tends to get greasy
eyes small and dry, blink a lot penetrating gaze, reddish sclerae large and moist, white sclerae
lips thin and dry, often chapped pink and soft full and smooth
teeth crooked, irregular with receding gums yellowish, gums easily bleed large, white and straight
fingers & nails delicate, small and long fingers with chipped nails regular fingers with pink and soft nails wide, angular fingers with large and hard nails
voice low volume, hoarse and cracking loud and sharp pleasant, harmonious, low pitch
body temperature less than normal; cold feet and hands more than normal; palms, feet and face warm or hot normal, palms and feet cool
persipation scanty with little odour intense during physical activities or when it gets hot, sharp smell constant and moderate, sweet smell
sleep light sleeper, awakes easily and may have difficulties falling asleep sleeps deep and even, hardly needs more than 8 hours sleep long and sound sleeper, has difficulties awakening even after long hours of sleep
walk fast with a light step average speed, determined step slow pace, steady step
weather prefers warm climates, dislikes windy dry and cold days prefers cooler climates, dislikes heat adaptable to most climates but can’t stant cold and rainy days
mental constitution
temperament lively and enthusiastic, likes to change purposeful and intense, likes to convince easy going and accepting, likes to support
social independant but insecure, nervous in new situations outgoing, assertive, accessible, leader nature follower, good listener, accommodating, lots of friends
negative traits uncertain and jumpy furious and bossy greedy and possessive
under stress becomes anxious and worried becomes irritable and aggressive becomes withdrawn and passive
talk very talkative; fast, diffused speaking talkative, good speaker, good at arguments slow, steady speaker, limited speech, cautious
memory short attention span, forgets things easily moderate, remembers details clearly and forgets rather slowly excellent long-term memory, hardly forgets anything
learning type mainly verbal, might have difficulties in truly understanding lots of visual imagery, learns efficiently feelings and emotions involved, usually grasping late but ultimately understandig well
dreams flying, searching, restless, prone to nightmares fighting, violent, passionate and colorful few, sentimental, romantic, watery, sad
love falls in and out of love easily intense, passionate love affairs long term relationships full of affection and love
creativity distinct and detailed ideas in many areas inventive in technical or scientific areas creative when dealing with business things
decisions making decisions often feels like a problematic and difficult process makes decisions quickly and determined take their time to think things through
interests travelling, dancing, arts sports, politics, luxury business, food, literature
finances spends easily, doesn’t save much and often feels poor spends money on certain chosen things, luxury saves money, spends freely on food and entertainment
activity hyperactive, restless active, enjoys exercise and competition somewhat lethargic
sex drive extreme or none at all passionate and dominating constant and loyal
beliefs erratic, rebel, changing determined, strong principles permanent, don’t change easily
lifestyle erratic, free and unattached bustling, well planned regular, gets into a rut easily

From my open heart to yours,


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