Wash your windshield, girl!!

“At the core of all of us, we are divine.”  – One of my truths

Yes, I’m talking to you.  And I’m talking about your neighbor who likes to drink too much outside with his shirt off (not a good look) and whistle at you as you hurriedly make your way from your car to your house.  And that woman at the grocery store who stares disapproving at you as you and your beautiful bi-racial son try to buy groceries. And then she asks…“What is he?”   Yes, even that jerk of an ex-boyfriend whose ego can’t handle the breakup so he broke into your home, stole your laptop, smashed your meditation area to smithereens (true story), and then called your students and clients to tell them what a terrible person you are.  Yes, the same jerk of an ex-boyfriend  that went online and wrote untrue, negative, and hurtful reviews about you and your business.  Yes, my friends, even he is at the core divine.

I truly believe that each of us arrive here on this beautiful earth as a divine being having a human experience.  If we are lucky, we arrive here surrounded by human parents and adults who cultivate that divinity with in us.  They water that seed of pure unadulterated bliss and encourage us to find our deep-rooted talents and help us follow our dreams.  They tell us as children who we really are (divine) and that we are ALL from the same place.  They teach us that love binds us in community and sustains us.  They teach you that forgiveness is necessary to stay in contact with divinity, by being forgiving themselves.  This type of upbringing increases our chances of growing into confident adults whom have a close relationship with our divinity within, thus allowing the knowledge to be passed on to the divine beings that are given to us to raise.

Doesn’t that just sound beautiful and well, utopian?  Unfortunately, for most of us our childhoods were a little bit different.  We weren’t given the knowledge of our inherent divinity.  We don’t fully understand how amazing and divine we are or how very special that jerk of an ex-boyfriend is.  We go through life unconsciously veiling ourselves from seeing the truth by taking on stress, frustration, disappointment, sadness, and never learning to forgive ourselves or others.  Every negative experience or let down acts as another veil that covers our inner divinity, soul.  A good visualization is that of a car windshield with broken wipers.  You drive around on highways and streets for years without wipers.  Over time there are rain storms (heart-break), someone’s tires in front of you fling mud (character assassination), there are millions of dead bugs on the glass (unforgiving acts), bird poop (crazy ex-boyfriends) ect.  Get the point?  But you keep driving, forgetting what it was like to be able to see out of your clear and clean windshield.  Forgetting that you just need to go get those windshield wipers fixed!!  This dirty windshield to the world becomes your reality.

The lucky ones, somewhere along the road, come in contact with a spiritual practice, a life altering experience, a religion, or enlightened being that reminds us of our divinity.  For me, it was the tragic death of my little brother which acted like a large rock hitting and cracking the dirty windshield, forcing me to pull off the road.  Then a good hard rain came (tears)  which washed away just enough debris from the windshield that a little light shone through the crack.  I followed that light, found yoga and healing arts, left my marriage, lost my job and found myself off the road, out of the car, and walking on a soft grass-covered path towards healing.  It is on this healing path, I offer you my truth – “At the core of all of us, we are divine.”

If we could pass on this simple and profound truth I believe it could change the world.  But let’s start small.  Let’s forgive ourselves for not being the perfect mother, husband, yogi, or employee.  Let’s forgive others for the things they may do to hurt us intentionally.  Let’s forgive our parents for not teaching us we are divine.  Let’s whistle back at our drunken neighbor in support of his right to be bare-chested and intoxicated.  Let’s smile at the lady at the grocery and say, “Miss, my beautiful son is a divine being in human form.”  Let us pray for our jerk of an ex-boyfriend even as he flings mud.  We do this because we know at the core they are divine.  They deserve to be forgiven.  And when we forgive and let go, we are not only unveiling our divinity but may be offering a little windshield wash to another divine being in human form.

From my open heart to yours,


4 responses to “Wash your windshield, girl!!

  1. Beautiful…. This had to have not been easy to come to or write…. I bow to your continued efforts to love self and others despite all temptations not to….

  2. Beautiful……you are living proof of a loving and forgiving divine soul experiencing this human journey. Keep spreading your healing love.

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