“Love God and Wear Sunscreen”

This month, I turn 30.  A lot of people have been asking if I’m “freaking out” or if I find myself stressed at the thought of moving into my 30th.  Honestly, I am not.  I’m excited for the decade which to me represents growth, stability, and a deepening of one’s relationship with that inner light.  So excited to be out of my 20’s.  Wouldn’t want to do all of that again…;)

I believe my yoga practice has really allowed me to separate myself from the stigma of “falling apart as I age”.  I know that with careful and thoughtful practice, I just may be stronger, more flexible, and balanced in my 40s that I am in my 20s.  With yoga, this is possible.

This week I ran into this great slide show in IVilliage about the Anti-Aging Secrets of Yoga Superstars.  How inspiring that these strong and beautiful women did not credit mushroom infused face masks and two-hour hot yoga sessions with their ability to age gracefully.  They credited the strengthening and deepening of their “inner world” as what keeps them young on the inside as well as the outside.  These women inspire me to grow in my practice, and to embrace my 30s with wonder!

Now on to working on that graceful Sharon Gannon pose……

In peace,


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