Mindfulness Matters

If you are like me, this time of year just flies by and I seem to be running from place to place.  Last night when I sat down for the first time to relax, I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed!  As I mentally went over the events of the day, I realized that I had not taken anytime for myself.  As a yoga instructor, I’m a little embarrassed.  I teach people how to move thru life mindfully and how to stay present in every moment of the day.  And there I was, exhausted, mind running a million miles a minute, and not taking my own advice!

Lucky for me, everyday there is a new beginning.  No worries  it doesn’t take an hour of meditation everyday to get in the habit of mindful living. For example, today as I was driving to my son to school, I made a conscious effort to listen and really hear every word that came out of my son’s mouth.  After I dropped him off I rolled down my window, took ten deep breaths of that fresh morning air and said a prayer in thanksgiving for new beginnings.  Every moment we are invited to plug-in and experience life.  I mean, that is what we are here for! Right?!

This afternoon I am going to meditate for 10 minutes.  Just a break from the busy day to be with myself.  Quiet.  Alone. Hopefully, free from distraction.

If you are interested in meditation but are unconvinced that it will really help you live a better life, check out this video from BBC.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-16406814  It could just be what you need to push you over to the side of mindfulness living.

From my open heart to yours,


One response to “Mindfulness Matters

  1. I did that this morning! There was such a nice warmth to the air. I was taking my son to the car and I noticed him stop and take in a deep breath to smell the air. How nice to notice the innocence of a little one taking a moment out of a crazy morning to stop and just smell the air! I had to stop right with him and enjoy the moment! Of course, my oldest took off running in circles to enjoy his moment…I wasn’t quite ready for that yet….maybe in an hour after my coffee!! LOL!!

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