Highlighted Thai Yoga Posture ~ Diva Twist

Back Ache?  Feeling a little stiff?  Something as simple as twisting the body could be the answer.  We often find ourselves sitting for long periods of time or moving in a single dimension (primary forward).  Since the muscles of the body are 3-dimensional it is always good to incorporate a twist into a client’s session, there is none more invigorating than the Diva Twist.

Diva Twist with Kam Thye Chow

The Diva Twist is a great example of what’s great about Thai Yoga Bodywork in that it combines stretching with energy line work.  The benefits of touch therapy tricks your body into truly letting go and deeply integrating the therapeutic benefits of a great twist.

Anatomical Impact

There are many conditions within our society that encourage us to move primarily forward and at times backward.  There is less and less of a requirement to move either laterally (side to side) or twist in both directions. Twisting is one of the best movements that we can perform for the health of the spinal column. 

The simple motion of twisting will improve flexibility of the spine and hip joints as well as help prevent slip discs.  Other benefits are increased circulation and nutrition to the spinal nerves, veins and surrounding tissues; decrease in sciatica pain and maintain proper hydration of the spinal discs.  Additionally twisting tones the spleen, liver, kidney, pancreas, ligaments, and improves digestion.  Twisting is a simple movement that does so much towards supporting the health of our bodies.

(from Lotus Palm Institute)

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