Opening the Heart Retreat

What does the Old and New Testament have in common with Yoga and Meditation?  How can we relate the two seemingly different paths into a spiritual practice that nurtures the soul and opens our hearts?  These are the questions that you will find answers to during a three day retreat focused on Opening the Heart thru Meditation, Biblical reflection, and Yoga Asana.

Join Sister Julie Christensen and I for a weekend retreat where we will focus on opening the heart thru Meditation, Biblical reflection, and Yoga Asana. Here is an excerpt from the Manna House website:

“There will be formal and exceptional input on the physical postures of yoga, but familiarity with the practice is valuable. Give us a call for recommendations on preparations for the weekend. Sister Julie is on staff at Manna House and presents on Christian spirituality and conflict resolution to youth and young adults. Shanell is a dedicated and exceptional independent yoga teacher in the Dallas area, with over 400 hours of yoga teacher training.

The retreat will begin Friday, April 15 at 7 p.m. and will end Sunday April 17 at 4 p.mCost: $160: $60 registration fee and $100 room and board.”


Julie and I

I am so excited for this retreat!  There is nothing more soul satisfying than having an open heart.  It is from this open place that we can truly experience our divinity and have compassion for all mankind.  Focusing on opening the heart physically, emotionally, and spiritually will allow you to build a routine spiritual practice that you can continue on your after the retreat concludes.  I am certain that this workshop will be soul satisfying for all the participants!

Sister Julie is amazing and has such insight into the Biblical scriptures.  Every time we talk or spend time together I always feel lighter 😉 and more intune with God.  She has a refreshing way of making the scriptures come alive and applicable to our daily lives.  I am honored to be teaching Yoga along side such an inspiring woman. 

In addition to the physical asana practice I will be offering Thai Yoga Massage sessions and Reiki healing sessions.  These can be scheduled during our free time for an additional fee.

And did I mention the workshop is in Concordia, Kansas at the Manna House of Prayer.  Such a peaceful, spiritual place!  From their website

“Manna House of Prayer is a retreat house seated in the heart of Concordia, KS. Where, the Sisters of St. Joseph and lay staff, have for the past 35 years provided spiritual enrichment, spiritual direction, sabbatical programs, and even public sanctuary for victims of the civil wars that plagued Central America.

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia invite the community to experience a tour of the Motherhouse as well. Just on the other side of town, the motherhouse, built in 1903, is the foundation for the sisters out on mission and for some of the sisters living in Concordia. As Manna House of Prayer continues to provide  services, many people have asked about the historical nature of the building. The mere question asked by many, “When was this building built?” gets raised eyebrows when a staff member responses “1884.”

This little town, of Concordia, is the county seat and the heart of Cloud County dubbed by the Kansas Sampler Foundation as “Stained Glass Capital of Kansas.” It is also the home of over 150 Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia living here and afar.”

If you are interested in attending the retreat, please email me and I will send you details.  There are a group of us from Dallas that are going to car pool up to the Manna House.  Let me know if you are interested in riding along!

From my open heart to yours,


2 responses to “Opening the Heart Retreat

  1. Shanell,
    Can men and women attend this retreat in Con? I was thinking it would be great for my mom AND dad. How much experience do they have to have in yoga? I would so attend if I was going to be back home. Hmm maybe you can plan one in CO Springs?

    • Men and women are welcome! I think that your parents would love it!! They really don’t need much experience in yoga. As we will be working with the basic heart opening poses!

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