Make Yourself More Interesting

“The minute you lose interest in learning is the minute you risk becoming ignorant. So read. Volunteer. Go to museums. Take a class. Meditate. Never stop educating yourself, and you’ll be the most interesting person you know. “. Sister Karol Jackowski


I read this today while waiting for my adjustment at the chiropractor. Maybe the fear of becoming “boring” pushes me to explore. I don’t know what internally pushes me to learn more about the world around me and most importantly about the world INSIDE of me, but whatever it is I want to thank my angels for guiding me in my life. And for giving me an adventurous spirit that just wants to learn and absorb all I can!

Back te Sivananda Ashram on Monday for Thai Yoga Massage Training. I am so excited to return to that beautiful, spiritual community. It will be interesting to view the Ashram from the perspective of a graduated TTC.  Hopefully I will get to rest more than during my teacher training!  And hopefully more time for the gorgeous beach!!

From my open heart to yours!


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