The Chakras

Many people have been asking me lately about the details of where the Chakras are located, what they are, what they do, and why should we care about them.  I have decided for the next few weeks to focus on the Chakra system in hopes that you will become more knowledgable about them, and that you can bring that knowledge into your daily life.  I won’t just throw out definitions and information, I will attempt to relate the Chakra system to your everyday yoga practice and life off the mat!  Incorporating the knowledge of the Chakra energy system into your yoga practice and daily life, will not only deepen your practice but will also help you unblock stagnate energy.  Enjoy reading, learning, and practicing!

The Chakra Energy System

Anodea Judith provides a modern interpretation of the Chakras: 

“A chakra is believed to be a center of activity that receives, assimilates, and expresses life force energy. The word chakra literally translates as wheel or disk and refers to a spinning sphere of bioenergetic activity emanating from the major nerve ganglia branching forward from the spinal column. Generally, six of these wheels are described, stacked in a column of energy that spans from the base of the spine to the middle of the forehead, the seventh lying beyond the physical world. It is the six major chakras that correlate with basic states of consciousness…”

Every Chakra has a corresponding color, sound, sense, symbol, organ system effected, emotional connection, ect.  We will explore each Chakra together starting with the Root Chakra.

From my open heart to yours,


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