Emotional Energy Centers of The Body


I came upon this diagram in my research of the connections between chakras and emotions.  An interesting visual diagram helping explain where in the body emotions are stored.


3 responses to “Emotional Energy Centers of The Body

  1. Awesome! Yep I went back just 10 days after leaving, and I stayed for a month. In the hottest weather EVER!

    Funny, I keep having these weird dreams of me going back there very spontaneously, and forgetting to tell people here, tie up loose ends, pack, etc. So strange. So, maybe I’ll end up there again someday — who knows!

    Hope you’re doing well — I love all the wonderful blog posts! Glad also to hear your teaching is going well — I’m teaching about 15 students right now at a church in town. So cool to see the conservatives opening up to it…!

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