In my own mind, I am the luckiest girl I know when it comes to my personal bath space.  Every night after I return home from teaching yoga I put the kids to bed and head straight for the tub.  Put the lights on low, light my incense, pour in a cup of lavender epsom salt and I step in letting all the muscle tension and daily worries go.  Because everyone I know needs a relaxing space such as this, I have decided to share a few of the products I use so that you too may have a wonderful bathing experience or get some good ideas for gift giving.

Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt, Lavender “Sleep”:  Oh my goodness this stuff is good!  Epsom salt is great for the body and the lavender scent is so relaxing. Some of the countless health benefits of epsom salt include relaxing the nervous system, curing skin problems, soothing back pain and aching limbs, easing muscle strain, healing cuts, treating cold and congestion, and drawing toxins from the body.  $4.59 @ 

Pacifica Natural Soaps, Tahitian Gardenia: This soap smells heavenly. Pacifica’s Tahitian Gardenia Natural Soap is handmade using a biodegradable, vegan, vegetable oil and glycerin soap base, ground almond meal, and Pacifica’s own fragrance blend with ylang ylang, osmanthus and jasmine essential oils.  No parabens, animal testing, animal ingredients or artificial colors.  100% VEGAN and Gluten-free.  $5.00 @

Shambhala Bath Soap, Peach Frankenscence: I am a HUGE fan of Shambhala brand ANYTHING.  The handmade soaps are made locally in Oak Cliff and are sold at Shambhala Body Gallery in the Bishop Arts District or online.  Made from Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil and Soybean Oil.  Free of parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol and mineral oil.  $6.00 @

Airs Aroma Wands “China Moon”:  I’m picky when it comes to incense because I want it to burn clean, smell natural, and the fragrance to linger.  Airs brand of incense provides all of these things.  Tough thing is finding it at a store in Dallas!  This is why I order it online. $9.99 for 25 sticks @

Aromatherapy Eye Pillows Made from Recycled Fabric:  The best way to experience the eye pillow is to lay flat on your back and drape the eye pillow over your eyes. Inhale the real lavender bud scents as the aromatherapy calms and soothes your senses. Lavender is known for its crisp & clean fragrance that heals and comforts the mind and body. The best homeopathic uses for the Lavender Eye Pillow are for: migraines, headaches, stiff muscles & joints, and stomach pains. You may heat it up in the microwave for added comfort on sore muscles. Or freeze it and use it as a coolant or ice pack on swollen joints. $5.00 @

Flat Basalt Rocks for Hot Stone Massage:  Nothing better than placing hot basalt stones on sore muscles.  They are easy to use.  Just warm up the stone by placing them in hot water for several minutes.  Then place on any area of the body that is sore or needs muscle relaxation.  $19.99 for 20 stones @



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  1. Awesome! Thanks Shanelle. I’m going to get some Reiki and Raindrop Therapy done next week by the way. Thanks for the suggestion.

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