New Yoga Class at Get Reformed Pilates

Knowledgable Pilates teachers at Get Reformed Pilates.

The Wednesday, 9:30am Yoga class at Get Reformed Pilates in Frisco, has gained so much popularity that we will be offering a Monday, 10am Yoga class!  The Monday class will start the first week of December. I’m very excited to be teaching another class at Get Reformed Pilates during the week. 

If you practice Pilates you will find Yoga to be the perfect compliment.  Where as Pilates pulls you in and tightens up the body to create strength, yoga unwinds the body and opens the body up. 
So whether you currently take Pilates now or not, Get Reformed Pilates is a great place to enjoy two Yoga sessions a week!
Get Reformed Pilates website:
I hope to see you there!
From my open heart to yours,

One response to “New Yoga Class at Get Reformed Pilates

  1. Shanell is my first & so far only yoga instructor, but I am nothing but pleased with my learning experience so far. Shanell provides clear directions for what we are about to do, and follows up with immediate feedback, gentle corrections and, when needed, firm Medieval-style yanking of the limbs and joints into proper position…. well, not really that last part! Having done weight-training for the past 15 months, I have transformed my body into one more athletic and stronger than ever before in my lifetime. However, my flexibility is not what I’d like it to be, and that, along with the sheer physical challenge that yoga presents to me, is why I have begun this new journey. I am glad, so very glad, to have encountered Shanell as a substitute instructor at 24 HF on the random weekend that I first decided to give yoga a try. I hope I can continue to learn from her and progress in my practice and on my journey. As she has been heard to say on occasion: “Cool!” :o) Thank you , Shanell, my yogi & my friend!

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