Stress Relief For All

We all know that yoga is a natural stress reliever.  For those of you that have a daily practice, you will have no doubt noticed a decrease in your stress levels.  In order to being even more stress relief into your lives I want to introduce you to a fantastic store I have found in the Galleria.  It is called Stress Relief For All.  Located on the third floor of the Galleria, next to Old Navy. 

They carry anything and everything you can think of to promote stress relief and relaxation in your lives.  A few examples: yoga mats and videos, wonderful massage tools, chakra balancing chimes, hand blended teas, handmade soaps and candles, aromatherapy, meditation CD’s, meditation mats…..the list goes on!  And in addition to carrying all these awesome products, the woman that owns the shop, Cassandra, and her business partner, Ms. Vicky, are knowledgable, friendly, and welcoming!

My favorite purchase so far…..AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSER FOR THE CAR!

They have recently decided to open a space in their store for yoga classes.  I will be teaching there Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays….10am (Gentle Flow), 11am (Mommy and Me), 12pm (Lunch Time Yoga).  The classes will be organized where there will be 30 minutes of asana practice and 30 minutes of guided meditation.  PURE BLISS!!  Mention this blog post and I will give you your first class free!

I hope to see you there, on the mat! 

From my open heart to yours,


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