Danika Speaks: “Life in Full Expression”

A California native, Danika currently lives in Texas. She spends her time with friends and family, building her company and sharing yoga love with everyone she can.

Looking back on my first Yoga class all those years back it was a perfect reflection of my life at that time.  Doing things because it was the thing to do, trying to be a super woman and push my body too hard, judging myself and everyone else in the class.  Boy that wasn’t very yoga like, but what did I know???

All these years later I’ve learned that yoga is as good for my mind as my body and spirit.  I’m happy to say now my yoga practice reflects my current life. Being aware of my breath, when I’m feeling stressed, I stop and breath.  When I feel out of balance, I stop, re-adjust and try again. Everyday day is a different day, some days will be better than others, but every day is just what it should be.  I am exactly where I’m suppose to be.

Although I haven’t mastered the full expression of many yoga poses, I have mastered the art of living my life in full expression.

I am a balanced and peaceful woman!


One response to “Danika Speaks: “Life in Full Expression”

  1. OMG, 13 classes in one week. You go girl. You are living your dream : ). Thanks for the inspiration! Glad you’ll be over this way – I’ll see you lots this week and will get my yoga fix. Luv u – Dani

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