Tranquilo: Your funky neighborhood spot to get your YOGA on!

Tree lined streets of Bishop Arts District

 If you live in Dallas and have not experienced what North Oak Cliff and more specifically,  Bishop Arts District has to offer, get out of your concrete and glass box and come explore a cultural gem that established its roots in the 1840’s! 


This time of the year, dusk and evening are my favorite times of the day to explore the Bishop Arts District.  It becomes cool enough to stroll along the tree lined streets, tiny hanging lights twinkling above.  Perfect for popping into the cute neighborhood stores and art galleries.  AH!  And the food….well take it from me (a self described foodie) do not miss out on the Enos Mommas Pizza or the seaweed salad from Zen!     

And for you yogis out there, I know of the perfect spot to get your yoga on, TRANQUILO!  Tranquilo is a funky neighborhood yoga studio (611 North Bishop Ave) which is all about spreading the yoga love and preserving and promoting the cultural and historical significance of the neighborhood.     

Check out the online yoga class schedule at  You will find that I teach the 8:30am Wednesday class.  Come on down to experience a flow practice in the heart of Bishop Arts District.  There are morning and evening classes almost every day.  Make sure to check out one of Johnny’s or my classes if you are looking to sweat.  Jeff offers a great restorative class.  With the diverse group of knowledgeable and passionate instructors you will be sure to find a class to suit your yoga needs!  Don’t forget to check out Tranquilo’s Friday night Meditation Class!     

In the front of the yoga studio you will find a boutique with all things to support the urban yogi in their journey.  Everything from yoga bags by Bound For Bliss Yoga , aromatherapy and natural body products made by a local company, messenger bags made from recycled billboards, to funky tee shirts to show off your unique revolutionary style.      

In the future you will find a neighborhood center for the cyclist at Tranquilo.  Johnny Fantauzzi, the owner, aspires to provide bike rental opportunities as well as include cyclist friendly merchandise in the boutique.  And a book coop is in the works.  Providing the citizens of North Oak Cliff a place to exchange books and ideas.     

Tranquilo is on its way to be a REAL cultural center for the Bishop Arts District.  A one stop shop for the urban yogi, cyclist, and revolutionary.     

“Embrace your individuality. Be tranquilo.” ~Johnny Fantauzzi

Excerpt from the Tranquilo website: 

“Introducing Tranquilo.  People have asked me, what is Tranquilo about?  That’s just it; Tranquilo is many things.  It is a performing arts center, a community center, a boutique, a gathering place…. Ultimately, my goal and reason for opening Tranquilo is to promote connections in our urban community through any means necessary.  Tranquilo is a place where any individual can come to explore themselves and our community.”




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