Yogini Seeds

I truly believe yoga has been trying to find its way into my life since my childhood.  The first seeds of a yogini lifestyle were sown during my active childhood where I spent most of my time exploring my grandparents farm with my little brother.   It was there I climbed my first tree which showed me how much strength I had.  Safely scooting on my belly under barb-wire fences (don’t tell my Grandma) taught me that stillness and presence were important for my wellbeing.  Running through the wheat fields, arms extended, blue sky open above, revealed to me the sweetness of freedom and movement.

As the years moved on, other yogini seeds were planted.  I discovered a love for salsa dancing which allowed me to reconnect with joy in movement.  Becoming a mother humbled me and opened my heart to all beings.  The death of my childhood playmate, my brother, allowed me to experience the depths of grief and learn the healing power of breath, meditation, and trust in a greater power.

All of these yogini seeds planted, germinated the first time I stepped on the mat and really let myself experience yoga for what it had to offer.  The lessons on the mat of strength, stillness, breath, and movement greeted me with familiarity and I knew that my practice was much more than a sequence of pretty poses.  It is with this reverence for my practice, that I humbly offer you guidance and support in your personal yoga practice.

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