Winds of Change

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.”  (Chinese proverb)


“Wind of Change” Katerina Pyatakova

Every new yogi comes to his or her practice for a different reason.  I made it to the mat after first talking about it for a few years.  I read a lot about doing it.  I even subscribed to Yoga Journal, just to make sure yoga was something worth trying.  Anytime I came across someone who had a yoga practice I asked many probing questions.  But no matter how much I probed I just couldn’t find a reason to make the change.  What was I looking for?  I realize now I was looking for someone or something to push me to do it.  To MAKE me do it.  I was challenging the universe to prove it me it knew better than I.  Every time I had the opportunity to make that change, there was resistance which materialized in a lame excuse.  “You know I just don’t think I’m going to be good at standing on my head.  It looks really difficult…”, “All the women in the yoga magazines look really in shape.  I think I should take up running until I get in better shape.  Then take a yoga class.”, “I am soooo stressed because I am too busy.  Adding one more activity in my life is going to complicate things.”

After sharing my pre-yoga life experience with others I came to realize that many people have a similar path.   We resist those things which have the potential to unbalance the equilibrium we believe we have in our lives.  Even if our life is clearly unbalanced and maybe even unhealthy, it is familiar. And most of the time familiarity appears to be balance.  It is not.

Obviously, I am now on “the other side” of the pre-yoga life.  What was the push over the wall of resistance?  It was someone telling me if I continue to resist change that the world would go on evolving without me.  And I would just stay the same, stagnate me talking about life but never living it.  That was all I needed to hear.  The next morning at 9 am, I was on my mat trying this yoga thing for the first time.  At that moment I knew I had made a move towards conquering resistance but I had no idea I had just taken a step towards discovering who I was.

My call to those who have been talking about yoga, reading about yoga, contemplating what color yoga pants you are going to get with your purple sports bra…..BUILD A WINDMILL NOT A WALL!!  If you don’t, the world will keep evolving and you will still be sitting at home, resisting change.  And take it from me, the growing paigns of change are worth the new perspective.  This I guarantee.

From my open heart to yours,


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