We Are One


Early morning before sunrise.

One of the beautiful life lessons that I received while in at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas came during philosophy class, and was for me, realized during an early morning silent meditation walk along the beach.

In class we were on the topic of the Vedanta.  The Vedanta is an ancient spiritual text that is a part of the larger collection of Vedas.  In summary (which does not do justice to the beautiful message of the scripture) the Vedanta teaches about the oneness of existence, the divinity of the soul, and the harmony of all religions. 

The specific philosophical topic of the day was focused on the oneness of existence.  The Vedanta points out that every thing in existence is one and everything is divine.  Not just living creatures as we know them.  But everything!  The mat we practice on.  The waters of the ocean.  The air we breathe.  The cloth we make our clothes from.  All forms of existence can be reduced down to the divinity which manifested in form.  This concept was a radical change to anything I had ever been exposed to.  Yet, it resonated with me as truth.

The next morning our group participated in a silent meditational walk along the beach.  The sun had not risen and as we all waited on the beach for our group to be complete, I took a few pictures so that I could remember this beautiful moment.

The walk commenced and as we walked slowly together in silence I was overwhelmed with feeling of connectedness.  I felt connected to the souls walking alongside me.  We were not moving along separately, but as one entity.  The waves of the ocean were dancing in unison with my heart beat.  The sand beneath my feet supported me.  The sunrise moved me to tears.  It was in this moment that the Vedanta lesson taught before became realized.  I was one with everything, and everything was divine.  It was a moment I will forever remember and will forever hold in my heart.

3 responses to “We Are One

  1. Thanks Ya’ll! Rereading this reminded me of that very important lesson I learned that day. We are divine! As simple and as spectacular as that!

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