Meditations from the Mat

“The obstacles in our path are the path.  Every time we stretch beyond our resistance and our fear, we make a choice for life.  And every time we choose life, fear loses its grip on us.  We all know more than we think we do.  And we are stronger than we believe ourselves to be.  We come to our mats, and to our lives, to learn by going where we have to go.”


The most referred to book in my library is Meditations from the Mat.  I go there for inspiration when it comes to my yoga practice, and for positive energy when I’m having a trying day.  The book is set up as a daily instructive and meditation focusing on yoga.  Roth has an amazing way of taking lessons from the mat and applying them to everyday/everybody situations. 

I really enjoy Roth’s perspective as a yogi because he comes from a place of “been there, done that”.  Anyone can relate to him.  The daily meditations don’t come from a “holier than thou” perspective but from someone who has been in the battlefield of addiction, materialism, egotistical thought processes, and negative thought patterns.  Roth has overcome these things and emerges as a teacher from whom we can all learn something.

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